Kitchen Extras 3-Piece All Natural Ceramic 15″ Pizza Stone Baking Set

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Enjoy brick oven taste right at home with our Kitchen Extras® Pizza Stone Baking Set. The secret to delicious pizza is in the stone—the high-fired ceramic imparts high, even heat that quickly cooks the outside of the dough and seals the moisture inside, for a pizza crust that’s light and tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Of course, this versatile pizza stone is useful for more than just pizza…use it for baking bread or biscuits, heating up tortillas and more.


  • Three-piece set includes the 15″ ceramic pizza stone, wooden-handled pizza cutter and recipe booklet
  • All-natural ceramic baking stone requires no seasoning or conditioning
  • Designed to be used in conventional ovens
  • Brings a crispy, restaurant-quality taste to all your baked goods
  • Ideal for baking fresh or frozen pizza, tortillas, bread, biscuits, and much more


Item Weight: 5.7 lbs
Item Dimensions: 16.22 × 16.42 × 1.73 in
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