The Sauce Boss

Saucepans are a staple in every kitchen. They are used for a variety of cooking tasks, but most commonly used for dishes with a good amount of liquid, like sauces, simmering, reducing, boiling, poaching and cooking grains, such as rice. All of Ecolution’s saucepans are PFOA-free, easy to clean and have proprietary non-stick coatings that are non toxic and safe for your family.

Ecolution non-stick saucepans range from smooth ceramic to purely simple stainless steel, offering the perfect solution for everything from poached eggs to that famous sauce recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. Having saucepans in a variety of sizes is important, since each saucepan serves a different purpose. Smaller portions need a smaller saucepan to prevent burning, while larger saucepans are great for higher capacity needs.

Feeling saucy? Shop Ecolution’s collection of saucepans for just the right fit.