Griddle Pans

Griddle Me This…

Griddle pans can usually be associated with Saturday morning pancakes and bacon, but there are many other reasons why stovetop griddle pans are a great, versatile pan to add to your kitchen. From toasting to frying, non-stick griddle pans are more versatile than you think!

Griddle pans are large, flat cooking surfaces with little to no sidewalls. Our double burner griddle pans can fit an entire meal for a family, while our single burner griddle pans are great for side dishes, paninis and even seared meat.

All of Ecolution’s griddle pans are PFOA-free – because we think having nontoxic cookware should be a priority in every kitchen. Each griddle is responsibly manufactured to remove harmful chemicals from our kitchens and our environment.

Ecolution’s non-stick griddle pans are great for cutting down on time spent cooking, allowing you to fit more food on the pan and spend less time in the kitchen.