Muffin and Cupcake Pans

Batter Up With an Ecolution Muffin Tin

From blueberry muffins to vanilla cupcakes, Ecolution’s muffin tins are the perfect match for your baking needs. Made from high quality carbon steel and featuring a high quality non-stick coating that’s safe for you and your family, Ecolution muffin tins bake, brown and release food easily for a baking experience that you can enjoy without any additional hassle.

Ecolution’s exclusive FREE + CLEAR non-stick coating is made without BPA, PFOA or PTFE and applied to every Ecolution BakeIns muffin tin, making our non-stick muffin tins safe for you and your family. All of Ecolution’s muffin tins are dishwasher safe, making clean up as easy as it was to make the mess in the first place.

Muffin compares to Ecolution BakeIns muffin tins! Grab yours and get baking.