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Best Uses for a Mini Fry Pan

Posted 31/08/2018

Adorably cute and conveniently compact, miniature fry pans are definitely a cute addition to your kitchen! From our line-up of tiny aluminum fry pans to our assortment of mini cast iron pans, we have a little collection of mini cookware under our belts that can be used is really fun ways. We’ve compiled a list of some cool things you can do with our mini cookware!

Melt butter for a recipe

Easily make up a batch of melted butter for a recipe you’re making without busting out a big pan that takes up a lot of space in the dishwasher. Whether you’re having lobster and need a bit of butter to dip it in or want to make a delicious garlic butter sauce to top a steak or pasta, our mini pans are the perfect surface to use!

Make a perfectly fried egg

Mini fry pans are perfect for making small dishes that need to be contained. The perfect thing to make in a mini fry pan? A perfectly round, fried egg. Keep the egg whites nice and thick while cooking your fried egg to perfection in a tiny fry pan. When you’re done, it’s the perfect shape to add to an English muffin or bagel for delicious breakfast sandwiches!

Make a mini omelet in a snap

Have some extra veggies lying around that you want to use? Having a brunch for the family but don’t want to just serve omelets? On a diet and looking for a quick, easy breakfast to take on the go? Use a mini fry pan to make a mini omelet by adding scrambled eggs, veggies, herbs and meat for a perfect little omelet muffin that can easily be added to a breakfast sandwich or thrown in a to-go container for breakfast on the go.

Toast ingredients

Does your recipe call for toasted pine nuts or toasted herbs? A mini fry pan is the perfect pan to get the job done. Easily stir your small ingredients and make clean up a breeze by using the right size pan for the job!

Check out these mini fry pan recipes from Tasty™

Here’s the link:

Roast garlic

Quickly roast some cloves of garlic for a recipe with a mini fry pan! Add your roasted cloves to a pasta sauce or to the top of a juicy steak. Not sure how to pan roast garlic? Use this recipe here for stovetop roasted garlic:

We hope we’ve inspired you to try out a mini frying pan. Do you have any other ways to use your Ecolution mini frying pan? Let us know! And don’t forget- all of our mini cookware is 20% off for the month of September with code MINIMADNESS. Shop now!